Sonrisas Siempre

One of Dr Burns' passions is her mission work in Comayagua, Honduras. Two of her friends, Dr Tom Blake and Dr Steve Ellinwood, are dentists in Fort Wayne, IN. They founded the group Sonrisas Siempre, which means "Always Smiling" in Spanish. We travel to Comayagua, Honduras in the beginning of February to bring dental care to children living in area orphanages. The group usually consists of around 30 including dentists, hygienists, assistants, and "worker bees," who do a great job supporting us.

The Lions Club of Comayagua are our gracious hosts and we use their dental clinics to take care of the children. We provide cleanings, fillings, and extractions. There is also a group of general dentists and oral surgeons that travel to rural areas around Comayagua to provide extractions. On our last trip, we cared for over 1000 people in a week. Dr Burns has been a part of this mission trip since 2013 and plans on going for many years to come.


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