Providing TMJ Disorder Treatments in Richmond

Facing discomfort with your temporomandibular joint (TMJ) can significantly impact your daily life, making even simple tasks like talking or eating feel challenging. At West Main Dental, we have the skill and technical capabilities necessary to diagnose and treat TMJ disorders head-on, bringing you the relief you need to get back to good oral health.

We leverage years of experience and advanced technology to deliver TMJ treatments that reduce immediate painful symptoms and address underlying issues for long-term relief. We're proud to provide the communities of Richmond, New Paris, and Centerville with jaw pain relief that fits into your daily routine. Whether you're experiencing a painful jaw for the first time or have been struggling with symptoms for a while, our services can work for you. Contact our Richmond TMJ specialist today to schedule your initial appointment!


3 Signs You Might Need TMJ Disorder Treatment

Your temporomandibular joints are central to essential oral functions like speaking and chewing. While symptoms associated with TMJ disorders are pronounced and often easy to recognize on your own, determining their direct cause can be difficult. This difficulty is frequently due to the overlap of symptoms with other myofascial or general head and neck pain conditions.

Our team at West Main Dental considers the breadth of your symptoms and health conditions as we provide precise diagnoses. Three things to watch out for if you suspect you may have TMJ disorder are:

  1. Persistent Headaches: Often, TMJ disorders manifest as intense, recurrent headaches, typically noticeable in the mornings.
  2. Jaw Noises & Pain: A telltale sign of TMJ issues are pops or clicks in your jaw when opening or closing your mouth, indicating possible joint displacement. In TMJ disorders, we generally observe these jaw noises in conjunction with soreness or tenderness.
  3. Wearing of Teeth: An imbalance in your TMJ and the associated jaw muscles can lead to uneven pressure, resulting in worn down or damaged teeth.

Tailored Richmond TMJ Treatment Options

When you visit us for your first appointment, we'll conduct a comprehensive oral examination to ascertain the presence and severity of TMJ disorders. Utilizing advanced diagnostic tools and an in-depth discussion of your symptoms, we'll craft a personalized treatment plan that helps relieve pressure and pain in your jaw joints.

In the same way that all smiles are unique, the expression of TMJD varies from person to person. To address this variation, we often provide treatment plans that make use of a combination of therapies to effectively care for your unique TMJ issues. Some of the common appliances and supplementary devices we use during our TMJD treatments include:

  • Mandibular Repositioning Appliances (MRAs): Splints and other oral appliances are often grouped under this category of treatments. MRAs are treatments that directly address misalignments and imbalances in your jaw joints, and with their use, we aim to correct TMJ disorders over time.
  • Occlusal Guards: Night guards are custom-designed oral appliances that fit over your teeth, acting as a barrier to teeth grinding (bruxism) as you sleep. Alleviating the tension in your jaw overnight can help you feel more relaxed and mitigate common symptoms such as morning headaches.
  • SureSmile® Clear Aligners: Orthodontics can be a highly effective avenue for long-term relief of TMJ issues. Misalignments in your bite relationships between upper and lower jaws can lead to imbalances that cause inflammation in your jaw joints. Our discreet clear aligners offer a convenient way to fix these misalignment issues, providing long-term relief of your TMJ symptoms.

Frequently Asked Questions About TMJ Treatment

Navigating the complexities of getting relief from TMJ disorders can be daunting, which is why our dedicated team is here to provide clarity and support. We're committed to ensuring you have all the information to make confident choices about your TMJD care plan. Here are some of the most common inquiries we receive about TMJ disorders:

What is the most effective TMJ treatment?

The efficacy of TMJ treatment varies based on the individual's condition. Customized oral appliances, such as splints, night guards, and SureSmile aligners, are often effective in reducing pressure and alleviating pain.

All of the options we provide for relieving pressure and pain in your jaw have customization in mind, and we make each choice following the specifics of your care plan. We'll always consult with you when a custom-crafted oral appliance is necessary, and we'll work to give you multiple options whenever possible, helping you come to a choice you're comfortable with.

Common triggers of TMJ pain are wide-ranging and can include things like jaw trauma, certain dental procedures, stress, chronic teeth grinding, and even certain types of orthodontic treatments. We'll work closely with you to identify triggers and offer strategies for mitigating them.

Exceptional TMJ Treatments in Centerville & Richmond

At West Main Dental, we're passionate about leveraging our knowledge and practical experience to offer top-notch TMJ disorder treatments. With a commitment to precise diagnosis and personalized care, we aim to identify the root cause of your TMJD and provide long-lasting relief of your symptoms. Our team will always take the time to get to the bottom of your treatment needs and prioritize getting you out of immediate pain so we can move forward together confidently. Contact our team to schedule your initial appointment and discover your source for jaw pain relief in Centerville and Richmond.



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