Same-Day Crowns in Richmond

We know that decayed, damaged, and missing teeth can all increase the risk of developing complex dental health problems, which is why we're proud to offer CEREC® same-day crowns. At West Main Family Dental, we offer custom-crafted and expertly shaped dental crowns that blend in naturally with your smile and help protect your overall oral health. If you're in need of a same-day crown in Richmond, you can count on us to repair your smile and get you back to daily life as quickly as possible. Contact us today to explore your treatment options!


Our CEREC Same-Day Process

CEREC crowns in Richmond, INAt West Main Family Dental, we use the CEREC machine for most crowns, veneers, and bridges, including implant-supported restorations. When you get a CEREC restoration, our dentist will help you understand what to expect to reduce your anxiety and help you feel comfortable about the process. Here are the steps you can expect when getting your same-day dental restoration:

  • Our dentist conducts a complete oral health examination
  • We take x-rays and scans of your jaws and teeth
  • We enter data from these images into our CEREC imaging system to design and create a precise restoration for your tooth
  • When necessary, we offer sedation to ease any discomfort
  • While your custom crown or dental restoration is being manufactured, our dentist will prepare your tooth
  • Finally, we attach the crown or restoration so that it functions and feels like your natural tooth

Regardless of your reason for needing a same-day crown or restoration, you can count on our team to always treat you with respect and compassion. Our goal is to restore your oral health and help you achieve a lifetime of healthy smiles. If you are missing multiple teeth and require several dental implants, we will use a trusted lab to craft your new teeth.

Why Same-Day Crowns are Important

Preserving your natural teeth is our number one priority at West Main Family Dental. If you have an impaired or cracked tooth, our dentist may recommend a dental crown to save your natural tooth and restore its full function. Moreover, a dental crown can safeguard the tooth from further damage. A same-day crown is an optimal solution if you want to restore your tooth in one office visit. Our team uses CEREC technology to craft your new crown within a few hours and ensure your new prosthetic is comfortable.

Here are some reasons you might receive a same-day crown:

Restoring a Decayed or Damaged Tooth: If your tooth is severely decayed or damaged, a filling may not supply sufficient material to restore the full structure. We can cover the tooth with a crown to ensure the root is sealed off from harmful plaque or infection.

Completing Root Canal Therapy: We use crowns to repair a tooth that has undergone root canal therapy to return its strength and functionality. A crown also safeguards against reinfection to keep your tooth healthy.

Improving Your Smile: A custom-made crown is designed to look natural, so when you smile, there's no discernable difference between the crown and the rest of your teeth. If your tooth is damaged, worn, discolored, or misshapen, a crown can alter its color and shape to make your smile more appealing.

Our CEREC Same-Day Crown Restoration

A CEREC crown is a restoration that is designed to fit onto your tooth in a single same-day appointment. In the past, it could take two or more appointments to complete and place a dental crown. However, thanks to modern dental technologies such as computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) and computer-aided design (CAD), we can fabricate your new appliance on the same day, using a single ceramic block. Common benefits of our CEREC same-day crowns include:

  • Getting your dental crown in a single convenient appointment
  • Being made from quality ceramic
  • Fixing a variety of dental problems
  • Reinforcing the strength and appearance of the natural tooth structure
  • Lasting up to 15 years
  • Eliminating the need for a temporary crown
  • Matching the color of your other teeth for a seamless smile

Quality CEREC Same-Day Crowns in Richmond

At West Main Family Dental, our friendly team is ready to help and happy to explain your oral health status, our procedures, and every step in your treatment plan. We have transformed many smiles over the years, and we can help you get the beautiful smile you deserve.

Our same-day crowns provide fast and natural-looking results. Whether you want to restore just one missing tooth with a CEREC same-day crown or you need to replace multiple missing teeth, we've got you covered. Contact us today and see how we can protect and transform your smile.


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